Workers Comp Insurance Mandatory Coverages

Mandatory WC Coverages vary by each state.

Workers Compensation Insurance Mandatory Coverages by state.

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Each state has its own set of requirements about which employers are compelled to obtain workers’
compensation insurance. Varying factors are generally the industry sector of the employer,
the minimum number of employees, length of employment, and, in some cases, the familial
relationship of the employee with the employer.

The minimum number of employees requiring
provision of workers’ compensation coverage varies between one and five across the states.
Some states exclude agricultural employers with less than a specified number of employees.
Some states exclude self-employed workers while other states provide an option for their coverage.
Some states exclude corporate officers in limited liability corporations without other employees.
Other states have specific workers’ compensation rules for industry sectors such as mining and

The employment relationships of employers with employees versus contractors are
clearly defined in many states.