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Workers compensation insurance covers nearly all workers in the U.S. and provides those who
are injured or become ill as a result of work with medical treatment, a portion of lost wages, and
a lump sum for some permanent impairments.

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Basis for WC Insurance Premiums

Throughout the history of workers compensation in the U.S., premiums for insurance policies have
been determined by a set of factors related to employer risks, primarily the mix of occupational
classes they employ. Employers are assigned to work classifications according to state-sanctioned
rating bureau guidelines. In general, employers in classifications with greater injury and illness
risks and loss costs have higher “manual rates.” For example, a roofing contractor generally has a
higher manual rate than a bank. Recommended or specified manual rates must be approved by
the state regulators in most cases. Additionally, those employers which qualify for experience
rating and that have a history of greater injury and illness claims and costs within the risk classes
are charged even higher premiums through the application of an experience modification factor.
Those employers with fewer claims and lower loss costs benefit from lower premiums.

Workers Compensation Insurance Benefits

Payments for workers compensation insurance claims can be for employee medical treatment, loss of wages  (indemnity), vocational rehabilitation, permanent disability, and death. The rules for the level
of payment vary tremendously among the states with a few exceptions. First, all medical expenses
are the responsibility of the insurance provider without co-payment by the claimant but may be subject to legislated time limits and to medical fee schedules. These covered costs include the initial treatment and subsequent treatments plus physical therapy or vocational rehabilitations. Second, indemnity payments to the worker who misses work for greater than the minimum waiting period are provided tax-free. Third, most states provide wage replacement payments for the initial waiting period after lost work time exceeds a number of days that is set by the individual states. For example, if the initial waiting period for indemnity payments is five calendar days, payments for that initial period would be made once the lost work time on that claim exceeds a separate minimum period such as 21 calendar days. This latter minimum time period is called the retroactive period.

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